22 June 2017

Elodie and Jaume’s wedding

A wedding with impeccable aesthetics, intricate details and a very special couple. She, Elodie, is French and he, Jaume, is Catalan. Both are graphic designers They met 10 years ago in Bristol, and since then, their history has traversed many parts of Europe, until they chose the city of Barcelona to set up their home and their design studio, Doiy. “Their creative spirit allowed them to have a bespoke wedding where they designed many of the details themselves… / … It was a wedding with a double celebration, between the sea and the land: in Cadaqués on one day, and in the volcanic microcosm of Les Cols the following day”, said the photographers Kiss me Frank, who photographed the celebration.

The ceremony was held in the open air, in the Mas Les Cols area. Later on, the food and the party moved to La Carpa.