Evoking life in fresh air. Sit under the sky to eat, surrounded by air, trees and views, without losing the mystery that enshrouds the premises.

A cuisine that reflects the rural landscape and the seasonality of the Garrotxa region; simple yet essential; austere and humble yet intuitive, intimate and authentic. A cuisine that must reflect our way of life.

The cuisine of the two-Michelin star chef Pina Piugdevall combines with the RCR Arquitectes company, winner of the Pritzker Prize 2017, to offer a dream experience for your wedding celebration.


The team at Les Cols Restaurant creates a two-star menu that adapts to your tastes and needs. Located just over an hour from Barcelona, and 40 minutes from Girona, we have three spaces, each with their different characteristics, that reflect the characteristic concepts of the Les Cols project and evoke the essence of the experience.

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